Ciao! If you’ve found your way here, perhaps it’s because like us, you might have a peculiar appreciation for that elusive combination of refined beauty and practicality.

And of course chances are you also have a smartphone worth protecting. Perhaps an iPhone 5, 5s, 6
or 6 Plus. Or maybe a Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5.

Well, you know what? We might have the perfect smartphone case for you: Juugo. The beautiful and super practical premium leather smartphone case, carefully hand-crafted by Italian artisans. With its handle and card holder, Juugo's quite a smart cover for your smartphone.

Elegant, with refined details and with an incredibly useful handle, Juugo makes it so easy keeping your phone exactly where you always want it, close at hand.

Designed in London and entirely hand-crafted by master artisans in Italy, Juugo is made exclusively with the finest leathers you can find on the market that are solely vegetable tanned.

So give Juugo a try and you’ll probably wonder why it took us so long to come up with such a practical, beautiful smartphone case.



What’s the difference between Juugo and any other case?

  • With Juugo you can keep your phone always at hand with its extremely practical handle.

  • You can hold Juugo on your hand’s back or palm, allowing you total freedom of use of both hands while being in contact with your phone at all times.

  • Juugo’s card holder let’s you travel super light, just grab your smartphone and carry your card of choice, a driving license, ATM card, credit card, etc.

  • Never drop your phone again. Juugo’s handle allows you to get a better hold of your phone even in those positions when it’s not so easy to do so, like when you’re looking at it lying down.

  • Get a better handle on your smartphone’s entire screen. Juugo’s back handle actually allows you to get a better reach of the whole touchscreen area, with less effort and more effectively.

Juugo: probably the smarter smartphone case out there

Juugo thoroughly protects your smartphone, always.

Juugo is the first line of leather smartphone cases designed in London and carefully hand-crafted by master artisans in Italy.

Juugo’s super practical handle and card holder allows you to take the most advantage of your phone, keeping it always close at hand while having the freedom to use your hands for other activities.

Juugo perfectly suits all iPhone (5, 5S, 6, 6Plus) and Samsung Galaxy (S4 and S5) latest models.