Privacy policy e Cookies

Juugo deeply cares about the privacy of its users and pays a lot of attention to data protection. For this reason, it is devoted to provide its users an online experience on its website in full compliance with their privacy.

The following note regarding the use of personal data provides detailed information on the type, the ways and the purpose of the personal data we gather, as well as the cases whereby your personal data could be given to third parties.

In case you would like to ask us any further questions regarding the collection and use of your personal data, we kindly invite you to contact us at  .

Visiting and using the website to look at or to buy Juugo products, you confirm having read, understood and agreed on the conditions of use and disclosure of your personal data outlined in this document. Before providing personal information and using our website, the approval of a parent or a supervisor is required in the following cases:

  • Russia: for under 18 years old users;
  • Japan or Taiwan: for under 20 years old users;
  • In any other country or part of the world: for under 16 years old users.



    In order to identify you as our client, fulfil your order, deliver your product, elaborate the payments, update our database, allow the use of interactive tools of our service, manage your personal account, we gather some personal data when you register on, when you forward us an order or when you send us questions. The information we ask for is the name, the delivery address, a telephone number, an email, and the credit card number.

    In some occasions further information will be required. For instance, your size and your preferences for each category, your age and other events (as birthdays or anniversaries). These would be solely used to enhance the quality of our service. The consent to the use of these personal information is not compulsory, however without them there may be some difficulties in fulfilling your order.   

    We might gather data for statistical reasons, regarding the website, the sales and other uses which could be transferred to third selected parties. These statistics do not include information which would identify you.

    We might also use your personal data for internal marketing reasons and demographic studies, as well as non-personal data, to analyze and trace a profile and verify users’ preferences, in order to improve our products and services and better understand all of your needs.

    Moreover, for quality control purposes on our services and for internal reasons, we might monitor or save the communications we receive.

    Rising Sun Enterprise Ltd will store and treat your data. It is located in London, at 62 Wilson Street EC2A 2BU, and it will be in charge of the process.



    Your personal data will be stored until you continue using our website and for the following three years, or for a different period of time according to the different national laws.

    To delete your personal data or modify some of your preferences, you can contact our customers service (



    In case you subscribed to receive our updates via e-mail from Juugo and wish to cancel such subscription, you can eliminate your e-mail address from our list, by writing to our customer service  (



    You can update or modify your personal data by accessing your personal customer area on our website and by changing your data according to your needs.



    The website might sometimes contain links to other sites not managed by our staff. We are not in charge of the treatment of the data collected by the managers of these websites, nor of the content of such websites. 



    Juugo uses thorough procedures and security measures in order to try to prevent any unauthorized breaches, when possible. The personal information provided to Juugo through its website and the credit card transactions carried out online are transmitted through a protected server.



    Cookies are short texts containing some information which are sent to your computer while visiting a website. Cookies are used by a website manager to memorize and sometimes trace information on your way of using the website, in order to improve the surfing, the use and the quality of the site and the services, and to send advertisements compatible with the users’ web patterns. This includes the possibility to keep track of your purchases online, to identify you during further accesses to our website, to look at how you surf on the web, where you click and from which website you are coming from.

    Some of the cookies used in our website are directly arranged by Juugo, others operate for third parties which provide services for Juugo. We guarantee an oversight on cookies sent by third parties.

    We inform you that blocking or deleting cookies used on our website might prevent you from benefitting from all of our services.

    By surfing on this website, you accept receiving cookies and recognize having understood our Cookie policy. Furthermore, we inform you that the Cookie policy can be updated to adapt to technological and computer innovations.