Samsung - Basic Collection Red Leather

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Type: Samsung Case

Are you already choosing your favourite leather case? Wait!

Before you do that, let’s shortly sum up Juugo’s main features:

  • First. Juugo is the case exceptionally designed for the best smartphones on the market iPhone 5, 5S, 6 and 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy 4S and 5S. You don’t have any of these? Well, if you actually can’t live without Juugo, just change your phone.
  • Second. All Juugo smartphone cases are designed in London but entirely handmade in Italy. That means not only a unique look-appeal, but also absolute perfection in any detail. Made only with the finest leather qualities from Tuscan tanneries, the same ones which are selected by luxury brands from all over the world.
  • Third. Juugo is provided with exclusive boom-proof edges. What does that mean? Simply that scratches on your smartphone may always be a possibility. But a definitely a rare one.

Clear enough? Excellent!

Right, now we can just wish you the best choice!

JUUGO RED LEATHER BASIC: 100% premium leather, red colour, untreated.

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